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Air Flow Station with Honeycomb Straightener: Airflow measurement station utilizes an airflow averaging element generating a velocity pressure signal to the orifice, venturi and other primary elements. Single or multiple airflow elements are factory mounted. Multiple elements are joined together for connection to a differential measurement device (gage, transmitter) for flow measurement and indication purpose. “Air Flow Station with Honeycomb Straightener” has been developed with a honeycomb airflow strainghtening section for use in duct systems having turbulent conditions. Features: Honeycomb airflow straightening section with 1/2 opening by 3" depth. Low signal-to-noise ratio Standard construction includes galvanized casing and 6063-T5 anodized aluminium flow sensor. Standard air flow stations can be operated continously in temperatures upto 350 deg F Applications: Building ar intake and exhaust flow rate measurement. HVAC air flow measurement .
Aerosense Differential Pressure cum Flow Transmitter engineered for building automation in HVAC/R industry. It measures volume flow, velocity and static and differential pressure.The DPT-Flow devices can be connected directly to pressure measurements points in centrifugal fan.
Series 477 “Handheld Digital Manometers” are packed with features you need to make low pressure measurement and recording faster, easier and more accurate than ever. First, you can instantly select from up to nine of the most widely used pressure units without having to waste time and risk mistakes with tedious conversions. Next, a non-volatile memory function enables storage of up to 40 readings - perfect for HVAC technicians making Pitot tube traverses of airflow readings across a duct. The Series 477 is FM approved intrinsically safe for hazardous locations, Class 1, Div. 1, Group A, B, C, D, T4. When working in poorly lighted areas, just switch on the handy backlight feature. It automatically shuts itself off after 20 minutes to minimize battery drain. Electronic zeroing means you simply touch a single key to perfectly null out any minor pressure differences. A display HOLD key freezes the current pressure for those all-too-common situations where readings fluctuate. We even included an audible alarm to warn you of overpressure plus a visual alarm also confirms a value has been stored, eliminating the need to observe display during a duct traverse.
“Lutron Digital Vane Anemometer” measures Air velocity upto 30 m/s.  The Protable Anemometer provides fast, accurate readings, with digital readability and the convenience of a remote sensor separately. Multi-functions for air flow measurement. A sesntive balanced vane wheel rotates freely in response to air flow. Built-in low battery indicator. DATA HOLD function for storing the desired value on display Applications: Anemometer is used to check Air conditioning & heating systems, measures air velocities, wind speeds, temperature.
Dwyer SMART Air flow capture hood Balancing Instrument is the most accurate and easy to operate air flow hood in market. By using this hood stand and wireless communications to the handheld, a single operator can balance in less time than traditional balancing hood.
Liquid Manometer: Wet/Wet Handheld Digital Manometer for compatible liquid and gas pressure measurement are versatile, handheld, battery operated available in several basic ranges for positive or positive differential pressure measurements. Features: Upto 0.5% accuracy Seven user selectable English and metric units Stores upto 40 readings Backlight for use in dim areas Applications: HEPA filters to determine when a filter needs to be changed Measure pressure drop across pumps Valves to determine valve position Chiller to coils for freeze protection
Dwyer Digital Differential Pressure and Flow Gages with 1% accuracy of full scale and fits in Magnehelic Gage cut out. It monitors the pressure of air and compatible gases just as Magnehelic Gage does.
Dwyer Differential Pressure Transmitter senses the pressure of air and compatible gases & sets a standard 4-20mA output signal. An 3.5 digit LCD shows process & engineering units.
The 480 Vaneometer “Swing Testo Vane Anemometer” is a durable low-priced instrument specifically designed to simplify the measurement of low air velocities from 25 to 400 feet per minute. OSHA, EPA and other safety ventilation requirements for spray booths and at fume, smoke and dust exhaust hoods can now be quickly checked, even by untrained personnel. Its small size and light weight - only four ounces make it ideal to carry from one work station to another. A versatile steel mounting bracket for continuous monitoring is also included. The Vaneometer™ Swing Vane Anemometer is accurate to ±5% of full scale to 100 FPM and ±10% from 100 FPM to top of scale. It has a spirit level to ensure accurate readings and the large scales are easy to read and visible from both sides. The housing is molded from tough ABS plastic and easy to clean with soap and water. The polyester vane can be cleaned with lacquer thinner. A spare vane is provided. Use a Vaneometer™ Swing Vane Anemometer to measure velocity of air flow into laboratory fume hoods and at paint spray booths to determine when to change filters. Or wherever needed to meet OSHA standards of ventilation for smoke, dust or fume removal.