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Averaging Flow Senso

Averaging Flow Sensor:

Product Details:

Length12-1/2" to 23-29/32" (31.75 to 60.72 cm)
Sensing pointsUp to 10
ModelsPAFS-1006 to PAFS -1011
Accommodate box diameter4" to 16" (10.16 to 40.64 cm)

The Series PAFS-1000 Averaging Flow Sensor is ideal for sensing differential pressure in the inlet section of variable air volume terminal units and fan terminal units. Units can also be used to sense differential pressure at other locations in the main or branch duct systems.

The "H" port senses total pressure and the "L" port senses static pressure. The difference between these signals is the differential or velocity pressure.

Product Applications

  • Zone control in HVAC systems
  • 2017-11-13T10:03:00

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