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Digital Differential Pressure Gauge Aerosense Differential Pressure Indicator/Transmitter with circular standard Differential Pressure Gage cut out Features: Built in High and Low Buzzer Alarm for process set parameter. Violation with Acknowledgment key. Unit selectable in mm wc /Pascal Integrated 4 Digit Red LED 7 segment Display of standard 0.5" size. Accuracy is 0.5% of Full Scale Optional 4-20mA OR RS-485 Modbus communication is available Applications: Pharma Cleanrooms HVAC Environmental Pharma Machinery Across filters Hospital violation rooms Operation theaters & laboratories Advantages: Precision of measurement in HVAC duct pressure application makes this instrument suitable for optimization of energy & thereby its conversation is ventilation systems Analog Output & RS-485 Communication lead to easy integration with Variable frequency drives & SCADA/BMS systems, AHUs.
  • 2018-07-08T12:59:20

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